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I have been trying it and still seems to not work. Jul 31, 9: But you have to be aware of limitations in the export--InDesign epub export is not at the point where you can expect everything to look the same as you have it laid out. There are specific fixes for the exported html and the css. You should get a book on how to do this--Elizabeth Castro has a couple of titles that are appropriate. Aug 25, In addition to Liz's boks, you might check out the video tutorials I've done on lynda.

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Working on another for CS6. Here's the link to the CS5. Or you can get a free week's trial of the entire site: Not sure if you're into Twitter or not, but it's worth it for that alone. Aug 25, 1: I highly recommend Anne-Marie's videos on Lynda, and the many other Lynda.

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The subscription is well worth it if you are regularly working with Adobe titles. It's kind of amazing that e-books and the epub spec is so popular and yet the state of making ebooks is still kind of in the semi-dark ages. If it weren't for Anne-Marie and Elizabeth I wouldn't be on the verge of finishing my institute's first InDesign to ebook conversion. Jun 22, 4: It worked but the color images all came out looking like photo negatives.

Jan 15, 8: The hardest lesson I had to learn is that with epubs, you surrender any fantasies of control over formatting, layout, everything that you think is creative and cool. It's no wonder you think it doesn't look right.

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Don't think it's ever going to look like your InDesign pages. It's very cut and dried with minimal control over line breaks, page breaks, and how type and art line up. Once you get used to it, however, it's kind of liberating. Jan 16, 5: Jan 16, 8: Jun 9, It does butcher graphic print pdfs from time to time, but it's overall the best tool I've found for the job like Vibosoft. Jul 19, 3: Jan 6, Maybe you can try another iPad app, e.

If you are still willing to convert your PDF to ePub file, see this tutorial. Jun 23, There many PDF to ePub converter tool out there , some are free, some not, or if you have only a few PDFs, you can convert them by online conversion service. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. That's to say, images in original PDF can't be preserved after conversion.

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If you choose this option, all pages in the converted ePub file will look extremely the same as in the original PDF document, but you can't copy the text in the output ePub file. If you need this option, click on Text, then a small drop-down arrow will appear, and select Image as the Conversion Type. Customize output folder: Click the "Browse" button to specify a folder on your computer to save the output ePub book. After customizing the output settings, click "Start" button in lower-right corner. Or right click one specify PDF file, in the pop-up menu, choose and click the "Convert Selected" item, if you don't want all imported PDF files to be converted at the same time.

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There will be a progress bar indicating the current process during conversion. You are allowed to click Stop button to pause or stop the conversion progress. After a few seconds, the conversion will be finished.

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You can click the Open button below the panel, you can open the destination folder and find the converted ePub eBooks for reading on your iPad, iPhone, iTouch or other portable devices. But many free eBooks are designed with PDF format. I can preview and just convert parts of the PDF. It is the ideal one I'm looking around. Promotion Sitemap.

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