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Scapple enjoys the distinction of being developed by writers for writers. The group 'Literature and Latte' was formed in with the sole purpose of offering writers a simple way to develop their skills.

Mind Map: The best apps for mind mapping — The Sweet Setup

The result has been one of the best-known mind map tools on the market today. On first launch, Scapple invites users to double click anywhere on the blank canvas to create a note. You can repeat this process as many times as you wish to offload your initial 'brain dump'. Scapple also supports importing text files, PDF's and even images. You can then work out how to link various ideas together. Scapple has been particularly praised for being easy to master compared to other mind map software due its small number of mind map tools.

Although the program itself is lightweight, Scapple won't burden your purse too heavily. There's a day free trial, which only counts down those days on which you actually use the software. Mindomo was originally released in March The stated aim of its developers is to create, "useful, easy to use and beautiful software".

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While beauty is subjective, most users will be delighted to find that the free version of the software supports creation of up to 3 mind maps, which is include all basic features. The program can also import data from a number of file formats. If you need to collaborate on a project, 'Professional' subscriptions support 1 user and up to 5 guests. All Mindomo paid subscriptions support password protection of mind maps to make sure only you and your team can see them. While these advanced features are acknowledged by the online community, Mindomo has come under criticism for its bare bones interface which offers little guidance to new users.

Its existence is thanks to a flash of inspiration by project founder 'Levon'. While at college, he was leafing through a copy of David Allen's Getting Things Done and discovered a chapter on brainstorming. Levon started doing this on pen and paper but later teamed up with fellow programmer 'Kirill' to begin development of Bubbl. We loved the keyboard shortcuts in all three tools, they really speed things up.

In contrast, working with online tools was a very different experience, which was expected since with most online tools, it takes a while to find your bearings. Some Mac mind mapping software tools can be overloaded with features, making their interface seem overwhelming. MindView, however, has solved this problem with a simplified user interface that was packed full of useful features, well organized in a logical and customizable menu structure.

In the end, making a mind map in Novamind and MindView was pretty similar, kind of like comparing Ford vs. If you like more features and options in your interface, however, MindManager is the choice for you. If you like a simplified user interface, then go with MindView.

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  • 17 of The Best Mind Mapping Tools (Online, MacOS and Windows).
  • 1. SimpleMind?

Let's dig into the features a little deeper. Being able to attach files is very useful in Mac mind mapping software.

1. iMindMap

When attaching files, MindView, MindManager and Novamind were similar and intuitive, but viewing the attachments was what stood out for us. MindView has a quick-click view option that is activated by simply hovering the branch attachment icon and clicking your attachment.

MindManager, however, forced us to first open the Inspector, find the attachment and then double-click to view it. I hope we still have your attention, because here comes the section that all you Mind Mapping die-hards have been waiting for. Not to worry though, we will keep it brief! In all three applications, you can add images and colors to your mind map, change line colors, branch colors, branch shapes, line thickness, and branch order. Also, all three Mac mind mapping software tools enable you to easily add images, icons, and colors to the branches at any level, not just the main branches, which we found very helpful.

So far, we have focused only on mind maps, but not all of us think non-linearly as in a mind map. Mydea Lite Free Download: One final app to check out on your Mac is SimpleMindMap.

What is a Mind Map, Anyway?

This one offers a host of interesting and useful features. For basic mind maps, click the plus sign inside a node to add a child. Or use the blue and pink plus sign buttons in the toolbar for brother and child nodes.

Introduction to iMindMap 6 - Mind Mapping software for Creative Thinking

You can then double-click a node to add text or use the text box in the toolbar. You can move and resize the nodes and diagram freely while keeping the connections. SimpleMindMap lets you create mind maps with a limit of 80 items for free. For simple maps, this is ideal. But if you need more, you can upgrade via in-app purchase to the full version for unlimited items.

Order your thoughts and put your plans into action with these mind map tools

SimpleMindMap Free. Whether you like modest mind maps with just a few nodes or those that go a bit further and contain many, there is sure to be an app here that you will like. If you would rather use Microsoft Office, then check out how to turn Word documents into mind map apps. Or take a look at these helpful mind map templates for Microsoft Word.

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