Mac os x help computer name has number in parentheses

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Finding your Computer Name in Mac OS X

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I could never figure out what process OS X was using to determine my hostname and it was driving me crazy. Setting your hostname permanently on Mac OSX It worked and it made my day, because steps 1 and 2 do not occur in my home network.

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Any ideas? Which is annoying. In fact, it appears there are roughly 3 places a hostname can be stored:. So far, I think that 1 is good for setting your hostname as it appears in Terminal.

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Strange Computer name occurance

And I believe 3 is meant for Bonjour the. There ARE 3 names for your computer, as documented here: The scutil command will set the following 3 items: For 1 and 2, scutil will make changes to this file: You can see it immediately changed in the. News Flash: Fix for random hostnames on Mac OS X learn. Excellent thread and comments, thanks everyone, Apple needs to fix this. This is really annoying. Every now and then, I open Terminal and see my hostname is wrong. I use apache and have many local test sites, and it is always changed to one of the site addresses. I use scutil —set HostName macbook-pro.

This helps, now I wont need to.

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Thank you this saved me a lot of time — there were multiple entries with the old name in the plist file. Domain Name. Heiko, it says that on Snow Leopard too. I assume it means that at some point in the future, they plan to put this functionality elsewhere. Report back to let us know whether it worked or not!