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User successfully logged in and authorized flickr downloadr. Preferences Window The screen to set your preferences. Photo Browser Window The main photo browser window that enables selecting and downloading the flickr photos. License The MIT License MIT Licensed under one of the most popular open source licenses, anyone is free to use, copy, modify flickr downloadr subject to certain conditions.

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Note that you'll need a computer -- the download features aren't in the phone or tablet app. To get all your photos, or big batches of them, first open up your Flickr camera roll , an interface that organizes all your shots by the date they were taken. This is essentially Flickr's file-management interface, letting you select many photos that you might want to add to an album, contribute to a group, restrict to friends and family viewing -- or export.

On the upper right of the screen, you can change the view to show larger or smaller thumbnails of your photos.

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Next, click on the top left photo -- the most recent shot. The photo thumbnail will get a checkmark, and it'll appear in a pane across the bottom of the page. Then comes an awkward part: Scroll down until a few dozen photos have slid by. Now hold down the shift key and click a photo to select all the photos between that shot and the first you clicked. The selected photos will get checkboxes and appear in the bottom pane. Check the left side of the pane at the bottom of the screen to see how many photos you've selected.

Keep adding more photos with the shift-click technique until you approach If you overshoot, you can click individual photos in the pane across the bottom to deselect them relatively swiftly.

How to Download All Your Flickr Photos

After you've selected a batch, click the Download button at the bottom of the page. Flickr will package all the photos into a compressed file and send you a download link through Flickr's message system. You can check for Flickr messages by clicking on the bell icon in the upper right of the main Flickr. Next, repeat the selection and download process to retrieve another group of up to However, I made the request right after the announcement of changes to free and Pro tiers, so it could be faster now.

Photos and Videos is just that: ZIP archives of all your images and movies, with names derived from how Flickr stored them. The Flickr Account page shows all the downloadable files that comprise your exported Flickr data. These media archives ranged from about MB to 1. Make sure you enough have storage free on the drive to which Safari downloads files.

Exporting a Flickr album

The Account Data downloads contain all the rich material that formed your Flickr life. The data is organized into files for account-wide information, like albums and comments, as well as an individual JSON file for each downloaded photo or video. That part is good. Another photo-sharing site, like Google Photos, would need to develop an import tool.

How to download your photos now before Flickr deletes them

Perhaps a Mac or Web developer would create a way to import images and JSON files, and have it produce a freestanding set of webpages you could host? Even though none of this exists yet or, frankly, may ever , you do get to retain all the data you added in Flickr. Flickr also offers a media-only export that lets you select more carefully what you want to download.

Flickr allows downloads from a number of places, including the Camera Roll view. Anywhere that you can download, you can retrieve an archive of all media files used in that view. If you want to download all the images in your account, use the method in the previous section.


The downloadable ZIP archives can be as big as 1. Make sure you have enough space on the download drive, usually your startup volume. In any view with a download option, a Downlink link appears by default or when you hover over the proper area.

The Download link in nearly any view lets you export all the images and videos in that particular set. Flickr sends you email when the download is ready as one or more ZIP archives.

How to download your Flickr photo library and transfer it to Google Photos or iCloud Photo library

You can also check the Notification bell drop-down menu, which will show a message with a link when the download is ready. The archives are numbered in the download view, and just make sure you get all of them if you have multiples, as you have to click them one at a time to start the download. The Import dialog in macOS lets you select images or import all of them, while bypassing already imported ones.

Once the import is complete, your media is immediately available, but you have to wait an indeterminate amount of time for object and facial analysis to complete in macOS Sierra and later. If you have iCloud Photo Library enabled, remember that the photos and video will also upload to sync with iCloud, which can sometimes overwhelm your internet connection if you have a lot of media data relative to your bandwidth.