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How To Enter a Vertical Bar on Mac

My keyboard layout, Swedish, isn't listed either, but is printed on the key, so I have no problems finding it. Just type alt and Tetsujin Angiegotm Angiegotm 69 1 1. Why do you disagree with the other answer apple. Suspect it depends on the locale you are using, what hardware keyboard you are using etc, it's not going to be the same for everyone.

This one works for me, with a UK keyboard. Perhaps the other answer is using a US layout.

Problems wit pipe key "|" and tilde "~" in console with spanish keyboard

To get started, follow these steps also see image below for reference: Click on the Text tab. The Replace and With columns appear. This becomes the resulting replacement text. Bad idea, try to type european Typing "european" works fine, as text replacement only works on complete words.

But yes, if you often need to type "euro" as a word, then a different shortcut would be advisable I like to start my replacement strings with a special character to minimise accidental replacements, e.

History of macOS

Zo Zo 2, 6 Jawa 2, 5 16 If you are using Polish OS X keyboard: Allan BeWise BeWise 31 1. I thin k better to add to apple.

Stuart Stuart 1. Welcome to Ask Different! Instead of writing an answer to edit someone else's answer, simply click the edit or improve this answer button below the post that you wish to improve. Jaime Santa Cruz 4, 5 16 Maria Theocharopoulou Maria Theocharopoulou 1. I am really curious what layout you could be using on a Mac.

voceqocezyfi.ga • View topic - pipe symbol(|) and @ symbol not available from keyboard

IconDaemon Which keyboard, though? I use the U. What does this add that hasn't already been said?

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It doesn't even include the nationality of the keyboard. Totally useless answer, should be deleted.

Rob Ashton Rob Ashton 1. InfoPython Information processing in Python. Mac Keyboard shortcuts: The pipe: Like this: Like Loading October 11, at 9: Michel says: March 6, at KCL says: March 28, at 8: Octavian says: July 5, at 4: July 23, at October 23, at 5: N2O says: March 20, at 5: Gen says: March 26, at 2: April 22, at S P Arif Sahari Wibowo says: April 29, at 8: Jeff Schroeder says: June 28, at Marauder says: October 7, at 1: October 7, at 2: New to the Mac and lost with keyboard characters?

Savetime On says: November 9, at 1: Billy says: February 4, at 1: September 1, at 6: Ross Addison says: November 25, at 3: August 29, at 7: Mats says: November 21, at 7: December 15, at 4: Birkanes says: January 14, at 5: Midnig says: January 16, at