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At the bottom left of the main window is a Quick Details pane. As your pointer hovers over text, such as a Greek word in the screenshot below, the Quick Details window is populated with information about that word.


Olive Tree Bible Software

Want to see the full entry? Now you can scroll and read all the data, such as the dictionary definition that is not currently visible in the shot below. Leave a comment and share them with us and other Olive Tree users. Hi Richard, the app is free and there are various titles and bibles that are free. First you gotta download the software from http: Great App. I use it as a pastor quite often. Brent, The copy feature, for multiple verses, is different on the OT mobile version. However, on the Mac you simply tap the first verse number and drag down holding the left side of your mouse.

This will highlighted all the verses you want.

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Next you right click, tap copy, and paste in pages, notes, or wherever you want the verses. One great feature is that the source verses and translation will automatically populate when you paste the verses. This method copies the text and shows the translation and verse numbers but not the book and chapter of the bible. I tried to update my Mac version of the Olive Tree apt but it does not require an update at this time. If you want to update from the App Store, uninstall the application and install from the App Store. Otherwise download and install from the website.

We have an iPad Pro I love all the new features. Kudos guys. Brilliant job. Keep up the good work. Love all the new features, really need a citation feature this is standard in all other Bible apps. A app with a publisher behind it should realize the importance of this. Magic Mouse and Touchpad Gesture support!

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Bug fixes for issues affecting users on High Sierra. As always, if you are enjoying the app, please leave us a review. Fixed a crash when using certain reading plans. If you enjoy using the app please leave us a review. This update fixes some minor bugs so that you can better read and study God's word. Thanks for using the Olive Tree Bible App! We fixed a number of bugs that were trying to get in the way of your reading and study, including some crashes on macOS If you enjoy the app please leave us a review.

It really means a lot! We added Touch Bar functionality currently available on the new and inch MacBook Pro to make your Bible Study faster and easier. We also fixed a number of bugs that were trying to get in the way of your reading and study.

Thanks for using the Bible Study app for Mac! If you enjoy using the app please leave us a review! This update fixes a significant bug where no text was displayed and users were asked to register resources they already owned. Thank you for continued support! We love Bible study as much as you do and are continuing to bring improvements to the App.

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This version contains a stability fix for the app. Please leave us a review in the app store. It means a lot! This version contains stability fixes to the app. This update contains critical updates and we are continuing to work hard to make sure you have the best Bible study experience! This release also contains the following improvements and updates: We are continuing to work hard to make sure you have the best Bible study experience! This release contains the following improvements and updates: We are continually striving towards excellence and this release is no exception!

Please as always, if you are enjoying the app, then leave us a review. Users can work on their phone, then open it on a computer. Later in the evening, while watching TV, they can still use the app on an iPad or their favorite Android tablet. On a tablet or phone, you open it up and the app takes you through a setup process. A phone in landscape mode also has the Study Center on the right. Unfortunately, people using a Windows computer will not see the same user interface. It offers up to sixteen different kinds of data, but not all of them will show up by default.

You can also arrange the various kinds of books in the order you want them to show up in the Resource Guide. When you move from one passage to another in the main Bible window, the Resource Guide updates its content. In the Resource Guide, you get…. Notes in Olive Tree Bible Software are simple and easy to use.


They also sync with the Olive Tree servers so you can take notes on one device and they show up on another. The Note indicator appears next to the first word in a verse. Type into the box and it saves the notes when you close it. Add a tag if relevant. You can even put it in a category. I keep notes I take when listening to a sermon in one category and notes for Bible study as I prepare for sermons in the Bible Notes category. Olive Tree also lets users change the Note indicator icon. You can also open existing notes which will show up here.

Olive Tree lets you rearrange the order of things in the Study Center.

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Unfortunately, the notes feature is a little too simple. I would like to see numbered or bulleted lists. If you use them a lot you can open this up. To add a note, you can also click on the verse number in the main Bible windows.