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See More Activities. Designed by a Solitaire loving Mom and Daughter, Full Deck Solitaire is a beautiful card game with an easy to use user interface.

The free seven-solitaire gaming app

Seventy one uniquely different variations of Solitaire not seen in many other games keep even the most seasoned guru occupied. Statistics for each game let you know how many hours you have played, games you have won and your highest score for that game. Smart badges on decks show you how many cards are left to be dealt from that deck. This latest update adds Daily Challenges, three guaranteed solvable games of solitaire for you to bend your mind over. Can you get all nine stars every day? Realistic cards. Thank you, we are really humbled by your love for the game!

The game has an option of a classic background, your own wallpaper, or a gorgeous moving video of the ocean under the Moon. A few of these classic games are unique to Full Deck Solitaire!


Card Games

Please write or visit our support page if you are having any problems at all. We want you to love this game! It looks like you are using an ad blocker. We understand, who doesn't? But without advertising income, we can't keep making this site awesome. Toggle navigation Gamers Unite! I like the way the cards move on one click. But if I quit the game, it usually resolves itself. I think this is a great App!

Full Deck Solitaire

I am really having fun with it. The issue is that many times, at least one of the cards does not change when a game is restarted. The Queen of Herats in the third position, for example, will be the same after the restart. Note that I do hold the top two scores on the game on a Windows box where I sometimes volunteer, so the scoring here is very odd and frustrating.

Finally, I find it bothersome to have to now resize the screen every time I turn the thing on. It ought to hold my settings. I enjoy playing solitaire and have never had a problem with the app until a week or so ago when it would crash whenver I changed or customized the background with personal pictures. I tried restarting and changed settings to no avail. The only thing I could of doing was to keep sending the crash reports hoping it would be fixed but 2 days went by and nothing was fixed.

Work finally demanded my full attention and time making me forget the app until today. After restarting my Mac for a security update I noticed this app had been updated 3 days before and found a short message acknowledging there having been a problem but was now fixed. I appreciate that extra step and am grateful this app is working as great and trouble free as ever. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description NOW 72 deliciously delightful solitaire games for your Mac and daily challenges!

Kitty Spangles Solitaire for Mac - Download

Fixed support for Mountain Lion, completely revamped the in-app-purchase system to make restoring and buying upgrades easier also removed the "on sale" menu pop up and added it as a graphic to the main menu - no more nagging! Stacks should no longer have cards packed too close together and overall stability should be better. Please write our support email with any issues you find and we'll get them addressed.

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And fixed challenges Now you can play up to three daily challenges on solvable games trying to beat the score and number of moves made. We've fixed the card size changing bug and added much more robust crash reporting to the game. There have been a lot of fixes in the various card games but two new games have also been added to Game Pack Two Memory and Accordion. We've updated the game for the latest operating system and worked hard to make this the best Full Deck Solitaire yet!

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If you have any suggestions or requests for new games please write our support email and we'll get right on it. Thank you!