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The Bamboo Pen Tablet default settings suffice for basic use, however more in-depth design work requires custom settings to achieve best results for advanced creations.

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Click the pen upper button drop-down box and click the action you prefer the upper button to perform. Click the pen lower button drop-down box and click the action you want the lower button to perform. Click the "Pen" tab.

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Click "Default" if you wish to reset the Tablet tab settings to factory defaults. Dave Wilson has been writing technical articles since , including manuals, instructional "how-to" tips and online publications with various websites. He also has experience with a broad range of computer platforms, embedded systems, network appliances and Linux.

Best Drawing Tablets For Mac : Sketch-It-Up Graphics Pads

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Mouse Mode Settings 1. Popup Menu Tab 1.

Could the MacBook Air's trackpad support pen input?

The recent launch of the Microsoft Tablet PC was accompanied by major fanfare, hailing writing as a whole new way of using the computer. The Tablet PC is basically a notebook equipped with a graphics tablet built in to allow users to scribble notes on it. Unknown to many, surprisingly enough to any longtime Apple devotee, Apple also possesses similar handwriting recognition technology, dating from the days of the now-discontinued Newton message pad http: First and foremost, to use Inkwell you need a graphics tablet; unfortunately, you cannot use a mouse to simulate handwriting strokes.

Perhaps this is one reason why Inkwell has not been widely used, as not everyone has a graphics tablet. For my experimentation, I used the Intuos2 graphics tablet from Wacom http: The package comes with a tablet, a pen, and a mouse.

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For most of the stuff that I am going to show you, using the pen is sufficient. To invoke Inkwell, you need to plug in your tablet and install the drivers provided by Wacom.

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  6. A required restart and you should find a new Ink icon under the Hardware section of your System Preferences, as shown in Figure Under the Settings tab see Figure , you can configure Inkwell to let you write anywhere on the screen or only within InkPad more on this in a moment. You can also set your handwriting style and fine-tune your writing style by clicking the Options Figure shows the Ink options. In my test, I found that if you are a slow writer, it is useful to increase the delay for handwriting recognition.

    The next tab, Gestures, contains support for gestures. The last tab is Word List see Figure , which allows you to enter unusual words that you use often. To speed up the process, you should add words that are not found in the dictionary on the fly Inkwell will tell you if a word is found in the dictionary.

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    Make sure that you have turned on handwriting recognition, as shown in Figure Whenever handwriting recognition is turned on, the InkBar Figure will be floating about somewhere on your screen. Of interest are the four icons: Command, Shift, Option, and Control. These icons allow you to input special characters or commands without using the mouse. For example, if I want to cut out a specific segment of text, I can highlight the text using the other tip of the pen and tap on the Command icon, then write x.