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In 'Select Cache Folder' window Version 1. ChromeCacheView failed to decompress some of the files compressed with gzip.

Directly view or recover Chrome cache files without Chrome cache viewer

ChromeCacheView left multiple files under the temp folder when extracting files compressed with gzip. ChromeCacheView now loads the cache items much faster and with less memory usage, especially if you have a large amount of items in the cache.


Browser Cache Files and web archives

Added 'Stop' menu item, which allows you to stop the loading process of the cache files list. Added 'Open Selected Cache File' option, which opens the selected cache file with the default file viewer. Added 'Double-Click Action' option, which allows you to choose what to do when you double-click on cache item.

Fixed ChromeCacheView to read the cache when the latest version of Chrome is opened and locks the cache files. Made a small fix that hopefully will solve a crash problem that some users experienced. ChromeCacheView failed to copy cache files because the filenames contained invalid file characters?

Added new option in 'Copy Selected Cache Files': Update the modified time of the copied files according to modified time in the Web server. Added support for working with the cache files of Chrome 2. Added 'Show Zero-Length Files' option. Added fileter by file type.

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Save the files in the directory structure of the Web site. For example: Copy all cache files of www. Open the created language file in Notepad or in any other text editor.

Basics of Mac - How to Extract and Open .rar/RAR files/.zip/.tar/.7z

Translate all string entries to the desired language. After you finish the translation, Run ChromeCacheView, and all translated strings will be loaded from the language file. If you want to run ChromeCacheView without the translation, simply rename the language file, or move it to another folder.

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How to View and Extract files from Google Chrome’s Cache

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I can't find it in any of these places I'm using Not sure about dev versions. Jeff, make sure that you're in your user Library folder and not the root directory's Library folder. I made that mistake when initially looking for it.

Google Chrome cache file recovery overview

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